Inviting Your Pet To Your Wedding

Our pets are something we consider a part of the family. For most us, before we met our significant other, we had our non-human family member(s) with us. Although a couple of years ago, incorporating a pet to the ceremony was an insignificant element for the big day. But in the recent years, due to the popularity of unique weddings that are not held in the usual way, all the family members, including your pet, are incorporated into the wedding.Pick the venue properlyThose who have attended South Asian weddings would have noticed the terrible formality of the wedding. But in the western world, weddings are not considered as something you need to spend millions of dollars on. In the modern age, this has changed even more so because people would save up the money to go and travel during their honeymoon time or even invest it on a house like a smart couple. The major thing to think of when you are having your pets and family over at your wedding is the venue (apart from their mental capacity to handle a crowd which is of vital and utmost importance).The photography sessionUsually pets are not so inclined to stay still while multiple snaps are taken. They like to run around and have fun especially since there is a crowd of people to pet them and love them. One of the solutions that you can go for is GoPro cameras or DJI drones Australia. You can either strap the GoPro to the pet (extremely cute when you see the videos later) or get someone to do the filming. DJI drones Australia comes recommended since it is easier to maneuver them around and the only pests you have to worry about stealing or messing around with it are the kids and birds.Dressing up the petsFor bigger animals like donkeys and horses, it is not possible to dress them up much more than regular (unless you count putting the horse in a cape). But for dogs and cats there are custom made wedding clothes that you can buy online in order to dress them up. It is recommended by experts to take off the clothes after the photoshoot is over and especially if they are not used to wearing clothes. Most couples like to integrate their pets into the wedding as it is a special occasion and pets are an integral part of our lives. If you do not like to put your pet in heavy clothing then just put a beautiful collar (bow tie collar, checkers and other) or a flower crown (especially for larger animals).