How To Implement An Accounting System In 3 Basic Steps

An accounting system integrated in to the business processes of a company is an excellent way of automating financial information and creating a more efficient infrastructure. This is especially true for switching from manual or ledger based accounting systems to a software based one. Successful implementation of such software can be lead by a dedicated project leader to ensure smooth operations. Here are a few steps in which you can implement such a system.

Choosing a suitable system

ERP systems need to be chosen with caution and much evaluation. You could also hire an accountant from outside to review the procedures that are needed and suggest any opinions or suggestions that can further improve the systems and help the company. Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages along with the consequences of changing from one medium to another will bring in a lot insight and understanding to the overall implementation. Suggestions will also have to be taken from the existing employees and financial department as their input will have a lot to do with their hands on experience on day to day accounting activities.

Planning the process

It is important to identify a project manager for the implementation process as this will help in the smooth transition of the two accounting platforms. Enterprise resource planning is a time consuming procedure and a person who has extensive experience in overall company project management, knowledge in the company accounting practices and IT support will help run this system smoothly from start to finish. The transition of accounting systems will also require special training to be given to the employees, department heads and so on. Therefore, keeping them informed well ahead of the implantation process will save time on any transitional mishaps.

Budget and design of the system

The accounting system software will have to be customized as per your company accounting requirements, thus an ERP system designer needs to be consulted for you to help understand and implement the new features and variables that you need. According to different vendors, the design and customization costs can vary due to various specifications or special functions that are required. Some companies may require different types of accounting systems to various departments. Then this would need a separate training program and training manual for each department to help with the technicalities. There are also some systems that come in packages where up to certain levels of customizations, it would be a fixed price overall. Therefore, it is necessary to research on the various accounting systems and reliable vendors available.

Types Of Security Used In A House

Security is an important part of our lives. We need security for everything. Security is a mode of protection that enables us to live safely. There are many types of security people use for their houses, some are more effective than others but each adds a layer of security. Here’s a list of different types of security used in a house.


Pets are a type of security people have used since historic times. Not all pets are suitable. For example a pet parrot would scream loudly but a cat wouldn’t do anything. Similarly dogs are usually the best animal for security. They not only alert the owners, they try and attack the assailant. In historic times before we were able to reach today’s standard of technology dogs were one of the most reliable. Due to their hearing and heightened senses they are able to detect slight smell and small noises that cannot be detected by humans. Some dogs are bred just for security and many are used in the armed forces to detect various things. Dogs are known as man’s best friend and this statement cannot be truer.


Initially cameras were very hazy and you couldn’t get much detail but they were instrumental in identifying many robberies, thefts and various crimes. Their usefulness is immeasurable and since their introduction has benefitted us greatly. Over time these cameras became clearer and clearer and it allowed us to use it everywhere and effectively. If anyone is tries to commit a crime and they see a camera, they would refrain from committing the crime. An indoor security camera can really limit crime around that specific location. Cameras are widely used in many shops and houses.

Some houses have cameras in the house. Cameras such as the nest cam indoor security camera can be fitted anywhere inside. Even if a thief enters the house, you would know where the thief went and what he took. Cameras have become a very effective against break ins. Unlike before cameras have become cheap enough for everyone to afford kindle oasis Hong Kong.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are also a very useful way in alerting you or the authorities. Alarm systems are usually connected to door, windows or any openings in the house and if anyone tries to forcibly open this and come in the alarm will ring. There are two things you could do when the alarm goes off. Firstly if you’re in the house you will be alerted and usually the neighbours will be alerted too because the noise is very loud. The other option is to have the alarm contact the authorities. This way when the alarm is tripped it will directly alert the authorities to arrive at the location. The authorities can easily identify the house because the alarm will be loud enough.

These are some security systems that are available and are quite affordable. There are other security systems but they usually cost more but are very safe.