Advantages Of The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The certified ethical hacking certification is fast becoming a hot job prospect for IT personnel. It is relatively new to the IT industry, but is growing in significance. Here are some of the reasons why more IT personnel are doing the certified ethical hacker exam.

The certified ethical hacker exam, called the CEH in some circles, helps the hacker get a greater understanding of common system vulnerabilities. Most CEH exams have both task and knowledge sections. The ethical hackers will be involved in both practical and knowledge tasks. Some common knowledge tasks they have to pass are analysis, evaluation of security tools, review of policy and ethics and background. Common task domains are design of systems, security testing, and system management.

One benefit that most people overlook is the fact that the CEH course gives the white hat hacker a peep into the mindset of the unethical hacker. A security systems professional’s job will be to keep the bad guys and security threats out. Understanding how their minds work is the first step to reacting properly to the challenges they pose. Leaning the mindset of the unethical hacker, helps the systems security professional act proactively and see potential weaknesses in security policies and tools, to keep certified ethical hacker in Australia away.

Apart from the mindset of the hacker, the ethical hacker also learns how hacking procedures evolve. The ethical hack gives the white hat hacker valuable insight into the common life cycle of a hacking exploits. For most security experts, the life cycle of a hacking exploit is a mysterious thing. They can only react to the hacks after they have happened. Typical security professionals are trained to prevent security threats. However, knowing how the hack evolves from the developer’s computer to the when it is used destructively in the real world helps identify potential attack avenues. Another often overlooked advantage of the CEH course is the insight it provides into the tools of the hacking trade. Its professionals have some experience with some of the tools, but the hacking course gives the CEH professional an in depth understanding of how the tools are used for negative reasons.

Doing the CEH course expands one’s career opportunities. The CEH certification opens the doors for the certified ethical hacker. They can do penetration testing, network defense professionals or a security analyst. It is an especially attractive certification for those seeking jobs in the government or in the military.

The CEH offers many technical advantages, but it is also a very lucrative position to hold. It is a fancy and unique title, and is increasingly becoming more popular. In the past, the mere mention of the word hacker sent shock waves in the minds of computer system analysts. In fact, the initial naming of the course caused a lot of controversy. In the minds of most people, there is nothing like an ethical hack. Despite the aspect being somewhat paradoxical by definition, the ethical hacker must receive authorization from the owners of the system, the scope of their hack and the amount of access they receive to confidential information.

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